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  • facade
  • Main Bedroom
  • Entrance & Family Room
  • kitchen
  • living - dining - kitchen space
  • Ensuite
  • Garage
  • Balcony

Classic Duplex - Ashburton

Project Overview

This duplex style property was the result of yet another glowing referral.  A couple were seeking investment properties in high growth areas.  They required a basement and 2 storeys in each unit which were styled resembling Federation houses with exposed rafters and pitched roofs.  The mix of modern and traditional styles are an architectural highlight within the properties.


A steep block and water under the foundation were tough challenges that Lawless Designer Homes needed to address within the planning, design and throughout the build.  Variations to the original plans were incorporated throughout the build, an obstacle Lawless was able to overcome by drawing on their comprehensive experience and knowledge.

Success factors

The goals laid out by both client and builder, were achieved with this property.  The client was especially happy with the final properties and the build was finalised on time and on budget.  The executive style dwellings have both been rented meaning the end goal for the clients has been achieved.

Fast Facts

Project Type



Ashburton Melbourne 3147


$1.35 million

Date of completion

March 2015