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  • Drive-Way
  • Master Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Entrance
  • Loungeroom
  • Guest Room
  • Entertainment Room
    Entertainment Room
  • Kitchen & Dining
    Kitchen & Dining
  • Family Room
    Family Room
  • Dining & Fireplace
    Dining & Fireplace
  • Media Room
    Media Room
  • Stair Way

Custom Designer Home - Templestowe

Project Overview

This couple’s aspiration was to build a substantial house to accommodate their home-based business and their children moving back in.   An office wing, basement, tennis court and pool added to the palatial appeal.  Being a composite construction meant design and build had to be well thought out and we worked closely with the client to enhance the external features of the home.  


The existing building was gutted and the framework and foundations were used and extended. Having an existing framework, adding to it and trying to make the old and new features mingle together perfectly was challenging but an absolute success as evident in the finished project.

Success factors

To enhance the property’s modern feel, changes to the entrance design took place turning it from an underwhelming non event to a stunning grand entrance.  The merging of the old framework with new finishes was a huge success and has transformed this property into an elegant, modern home.

Fast Facts

Project Type

Modern Single Dwelling


Templestowe Melbourne 3106


$1.8 million

Date of completion

Dec 2012