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  • Dining & Kitchen
  • Living & Yard
  • Living Area
  • Main Bedroom
  • Upstairs Family Room
  • Outdoor area
  • floor plan

Modern Duplex - Strathmore

Project Overview

These luxury duplex residences are the picture of opulence boasting excellent finishings and superb workmanship.  A local developer with a desire to create quality dwellings in the Strathmore area embarked on this project with the view to sell. Each 4 bedroom home each includes 2 master bedrooms, dual living zones, alfresco dining/BBQ area and expansive living/dining rooms.e.


This property was developed on a small block with limited access which proved challenging throughout construction.  Lawless was able to work around these challenges in consultation with the developer.  There were no other major challenges in the construction of these residences.

Success factors

These properties were delivered on time and on budget.  The luxury design and inclusions highlighted the decadence of the properties.  This coupled with the fantastic location made for excellent sale results.  

Fast Facts

Project Type

Modern Duplex


Strathmore Melbourne 3039



Date of completion

Nov 15