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  • bathroom
  • fire-place
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  • back area

Renovation / Extension - Yarraville

Project Overview

Lawless Designer Homes were invited to tender for this young family’s renovation and extension project.  This build had some very unique specifics involved, from the landscaping, to the bricks being used, the joinery and the engineering.  All of which played a role in achieving an outstanding outcome.


As this was an extension and renovation to an existing building it meant working with existing problems and hurdles like marrying the old with the new.  This property had some unique specifications with joinery and commercial double glazed windows.  Due to the design, engineering adjustments and reinforcing were needed.  Although the second hand bricks brought with them a piece of Melbourne’s history, they also came with the challenge of using them for an internal wall.

Success factors

The achievement of engineering and architectural design was made possible by the technical ability of Lawless Designer Homes.  The often tough job of meeting clean and new edges with the existing rough, older edges, plus the inclusion of interior brickwork provided a unique and modern aspect.

Fast Facts

Project Type



Yarraville Melbourne 3013



Date of completion

January 2015