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Duplex Custom Build - Strathmore

Project Overview

This young family came to us with plans to demolish their existing home and to build their dream home.  Their aspirations for this build was to have extra room, modern design and to stay in a nice suburb.  A duplex property was a perfect solution, as they could have their dream home and sell the other.  The inclusion of a basement which held the garage, media room and study was a welcomed addition to each home.  Both these homes were styled with modern luxury in mind.


For a multi dwelling property build to be without any major problems is both a blessing and a rarity.  Although there were no major challenges, elements of the build were altered at the client’s request however the project still ran smoothly.

Success factors

Being able to achieve the outcome the client desired was an exciting achievement.   Finishing earlier than scheduled and on budget was an unexpected benefit that the client was thrilled with. The client was so happy with the finished houses, that they referred family and friends.

Fast Facts

Project Type



Strathmore Melbourne 3041


$1.65 million

Date of completion

October 2015