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  • walk-in wardrobe
  • unit-2-lounge-room
  • unit-2-kitchen
  • unit-2-kitchen-dining
  • unit-2-garage
  • unit-2-entrance
  • unit-2-ensuite
  • unit-2-bathroom
  • unit-2-backyard
  • unit-1-master-bedroom
  • unit-1-lounge-room
  • unit-1-kitchen
  • unit-1-kitchen-dining
  • unit-1-garage
  • unit-1-ensuite
  • unit-1-bathroom
  • unit-1-backyard
  • study-office
  • facade
  • driveway
  • bedroom-2
  • balcony

Townhouses - Chadstone

Project Overview

These 2 detached townhouses were referred to Lawless from a past client meaning our workmanship is trusted and preferred.  This property was purchased by the client with the plans and was a development build with the intention to rent.  This project had challenges from the beginning but Lawless’ team of professionals were able to overcome any hurdles that were presented with our vast experience, industry knowledge and superior craftsmanship.


At the absolute base level there were difficult challenges with this project.  The plans provided for the townhouse design were amiss and inadequate and there proved to be discrepancies between stamped town planning approved designs and the working drawings which needed to be rectified.  Design was also difficult on an engineering level meaning that our engineers needed to accommodate ambitious features into the design.

Success factors

Despite the design and planning issues, this build was produced on budget and on time.  Wet weather challenged the completion time of this project but our team of experts were able to navigate a successful build despite it.  Our dedicated builders, project manager and designers produced a distinguished and exclusive set of designer townhouses.

Fast Facts

Project Type



Chadstone Victoria 3148



Date of completion

October 2016