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  • Front
  • Second Appartment
  • Entrance - Back Appartment
  • rumpus room
  • Main Room - Ensuite - Walkin
  • Main Bedroom - Ensuite - Walk in
  • Living - Kitchen - Dining Area
  • Living Area
  • Kitchen - Back Area
  • Kitchen - Living - Hall
  • Entrance - Stairs
  • Kitchen - Back Appartment
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Guest Room
  • Garage
  • Entrance - Living - Stairs
  • Dining Area
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom Back Apprtment
  • Bathroom
  • Back Area
  • Back Apparment Yard
  • Back Apparment Living
  • Stairs

Modern Townhouse Development - Camberwell

Project Overview

This project for two stunning double storey townhouses was a referral from a previous client.  A 7 star energy rating and hydronic heating were special requests.  The client had their dream plans ready and Lawless brought them to life.  


The biggest challenge that faced the builders on this project was that the existing house needed to be demolished.  This demolition proved extensive but Lawless was able to face the challenge with the ease that experience and professionalism brings.

Success factors

The positive results in this build were evident in the overall aesthetics of the properties.  In particular, the internal finishes which were specifically crafted by our team, created an atmosphere of opulence.   The fence was upgraded to reflect a modern style which lifted the external character of the entire property.

Fast Facts

Project Type



Camberwell Melbourne 3124



Date of completion

July 2015